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Source to patient

Natural healthcare products can vary considerably depending on how they are produced. Our Source to Patient philosophy is what helps make SFI Health stand out.

Why does it matter?

There can be great variation in the quality of natural healthcare products, and much of this is to do with the consistency of the ingredient used and the precise care taken at each step of the production process. The species of plant selected, the way it’s grown and harvested can all affect the composition of the final therapeutic extract. Not only can this vary between different products using seemingly the same ingredient, but can even occur within batches of the same product.

It’s just like the way your coffee can differ depending on how and where the coffee beans were grown, collected, roasted, processed, ground and brewed. Or how wine varies according to the type of grape, where and how it’s grown and how it’s processed into wine.

The source to patient philosophy

The SFI Health approach begins with detailed knowledge about each individual ingredient, which through rigorous processes, quality controls and extensive testing, are developed into finished products that can be confidently used for optimal health outcomes.

Careful consideration and control is essential at every stage of creation, to produce a consistent product that has the same composition of extract and balance of active components from one batch to the next.


But that’s not it. At SFI Health, we are committed to demonstrating that our products can work. This is why SFI Health products have undergone extensive clinical research. It enables us to provide evidence that our specific product – not just the generic ingredient – has demonstrated health benefits and can offer reliable results.


Because SFI Health has clinical evidence on the products, you can feel confident that the results demonstrated by clinical trials may be replicated by the product on the shelves

Follow our source to patient journey



The first step in creating reliable natural products involves choosing the right plant species. Not all plants are created equal, and just like the choice of grape affects the final outcome of wine, our plants affect the quality of our natural product. That’s why plants of the relevant species with a history of success are used.

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Growth and cultivation

Produced under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and aiming to work closely with growers and partners helps ensure the ingredients are grown in carefully monitored and selected environments. These environments help allow consistent conditions to be replicated for every batch. This is done with careful consideration of the environment to produce sustainably grown products.

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Harvesting and processing

Our cultivation methods allow us to use exactly the same parts of our plants in every batch. Years of experience also mean we know exactly how and when to harvest. Quality control checks are performed along every step of the process to guarantee high quality raw materials.

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Extraction and manufacturing

Many of our ingredients have proprietary extraction processes crafted specifically for them, optimising extraction from every batch. The extraction of our active ingredients has been developed from years of experience and is an important part of the Source to Patient method. The same rigorous processes are used with every batch to help produce reliable results.


Standardisation is also utilised to maximise consistency and quality. This helps ensure each batch of our products contain a consistent composition of their active components, assuring each dose can deliver the same amounts as tested in clinical trials.

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Package, storage and transportation

SFI Health ensures that our packaging matches the high standards of our products – providing clear instructions and information to our customers. We also establish particular measures on storage and transportation to help ensure the product remains stable and is placed in the appropriate storage settings to control external factors, and can reach you in the same high-quality condition that it was manufactured in.

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Clinical trials and monitoring

SFI Health medicines have undergone multiple clinical studies and scientific research to ensure they can help deliver the desired health benefits. Importantly, the SFI Health products on the shelves contain the same medicine, at the same dose that has been used in clinical studies, meaning you can feel confident about their tolerability and the health outcomes they can deliver. We also support ongoing research to further demonstrate the effectiveness and tolerability of our products.

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