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What makes you stress at work?

What makes you stress at work?

A common source of stress in our lives often relates back to our work.

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A common source of stress in our lives often relates back to our work. Whether it’s a looming deadline, an important presentation, or a scary boss – there can be numerous stressors in our jobs.
We asked four people in four very different industries the same four questions, to see if they could share their secrets to dealing with stress.

Advertising industry

Project Manager

Medical Profession






General stress level

Stress level at work

Your number 1 work stressor Taking over projects from someone else that have been improperly managed. Unrealistic deadlines and a demanding client can also be sources of stress! Situations with a patient where a diagnosis is unclear – a tricky situation where the wrong treatment can seriously impact their health.  Plus a very heavy workload. The stress of managing a company and making profit.

Getting good staff and keeping them. My industry is more of a stepping stone for most people while studying or figuring out their future meaning we have a high staff turnover.

Your secret to dealing with stress Making it a priority to get outside during the working day. Being in nature can be so grounding. Stepping away from my desk can make all the difference to feeling calmer and more centred. Talking through options with colleagues. For dealing with the high workload, writing lists always helps. Talk and vent concerns or stresses through with partners. Deep breathing works really well for me!

What’s your number 1 stress at work? And how do you best deal with it?

If you’re still struggling with your own secret to dealing with stress, you may want to consider a clinically researched natural healthcare products like Gincosan. During times of stress, when your brain feels like it’s overloaded, Gincosan can help support your cognitive health and sustain mental energy and alertness! 

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