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For improved sleep quality and relaxation.

Songha Night

Do you struggle to switch off at night? Or suffer from tension, restlessness and irritability? If you need a little help to feel relaxed, or are looking to improve your sleeping patterns, Songha Night may be right for you.

Songha Night is a natural health supplement that’s clinically researched to help improve the quality of sleep and promote relaxation particularly during periods of temporary stress.1-3

Always read the label. Follow the directions of use.

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Songha Night has been shown to:

Improve sleep  quality

Improve sleep quality

Increases the quality of sleep and decreases the time it takes to fall asleep1,2

Help you wake refreshed

Help you wake refreshed

No hangover feeling or next day drowsiness or tiredness1,2

Reduce tension, restlessness and irritability

Reduce tension, restlessness and irritability

Helps you to feel calm and relaxed3

Research & Evidence

Songha Night: Key Ingredients

Songha Night contains a combination of two specific extracts from two different plants – Valeriana officinalis (Valerian) and Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm). The combination of these extracts in Songha Night has been researched in 3 clinical trials that demonstrated a significantly higher quality of sleep.

More about Valeriana officinalis
trials & studies
3 clinical trials

Food for thought: How did you sleep? An estimated 25% of adults complain of insomnia – could you improve your sleep quality?

What makes Songha Night different?

Natural healthcare products can vary considerably depending on the species of plant chosen, the way it’s grown and harvested, and the extraction and production process. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure the active ingredient in your product is the same type, and in the same quantity, as the one used in clinical trials.

In Songha Night, we take care to use the same specific extracts with the same specifications that have been proven in clinical studies for improved sleep quality and relaxation.  That’s why you can be sure that Songha Night offers the same benefits as demonstrated in the clinical trials.

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Using Songha Night

Recommended dosage & directions

Recommended dosage and directions


People aged 12 years and older: 2-3 tablets for a single dose, to be taken as follows.


As an aid to sleep: take 2-3 tablets with water, half to one hour before bedtime. An earlier dose of 2-3 tablets may be taken during the evening if required.

For tension, restlessness and irritability take 2-3 tablets with water, up to 3 times daily.


Songha Night has been found to have a good tolerability profile during clinical studies and post marketing surveillance.


Always read the label. Follow the directions of use. Packaging and product claims may vary depending on country-specific regulations. Products available in selected markets only.

Active ingredient
Valerian and Lemon Balm (Valeriana officinalis & Melisa officinalis)

Each tablet contains:

Valeriana officinalis root extract 120 mg

Melissa officinalis leaf extract 80 mg


Songha Night is recommended for people over the age of 12 who have difficulty in falling asleep, or with tension, restlessness and irritability, particularly in periods of temporary stress.

People aged 12 years and older should take 2-3 tablets as a single dose. When using Songha Night as an aid to sleep, a single dose (2-3 tablets) should be taken half to one hour before bedtime, with an earlier single dose during the evening if required. When using Songha Night for tension, restlessness and irritability, a single dose (2-3 tablets) may be taken up to 3 times daily.

In the clinical trials performed with Songha Night, no hangover effect has been reported.

During post marketing surveillance with Songha Night, addiction was not reported.

Songha Night does not contain any added gluten.

No, Songha Night is preservative-free.

Yes, Songha Night does not contain material of animal origin.

One tablet of Songha Night contains 0.03 g of glucose and 0.1 g of sucrose; diabetics should take this amount into consideration in their daily diet. The sugar-coated tablets are to be taken together with some water or other liquid.

Songha Night is available in selected markets. Please contact us for further information.



1. Cerny A, Schmid K. Fitoterapia 1999;70:221–8.

2. Schwander J, Mann C. KSM Zurzach, Posterabstract 1999. 

3. Kennedy DO et al. Phytother Res 2006;20(2):96–102.

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